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Lone Rock School Administration

LRS School Board Policy

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1000 (PDF)
1000 (DOC)
Board of Trustees
2000 (PDF)
2000 (DOC)
3000 (PDF)
3000 (DOC)
4000 (PDF)
4000 (DOC)
Community Relations
5000 (PDF)
5000 (DOC)
6000 (PDF)
6000 (DOC)
7000 (PDF)
7000 (DOC)
Financial Management
8000 (PDF)
8000 (DOC)
Non-Instructional Operations


District Grant Funding Information

Lone Rock School Administration

Superintendent/Principal Mr. Scott Stiegler Mr. Scott Stiegler's web page
Business Manager/Clerk Mrs. Jeannie Morgan

Lone Rock School Board

Board Chair. Mr. Gary Leese
Board Vice Chair Ms. Paula Short
Trustee Mr. Wayne Stanford
Trustee Mr. Cory Burkhardt
Trustee Mr. Rev. Ray Larson